Sunday, November 21, 2010

Timeline fair - non food nerd post

This is not post about food, more a geek post. With the time it took to drive to Berwick and back there wasn't really any time for baking. We went today to an event called the Timeline Fair (previously MMFAT - Melbourne Mediavel Fayre and Tourney), held at the old cheese factory in Berwick, where re-enactment groups from the viking age, up to world war 2 did public displays and demos of their hobbies.It was great to see so many who are passionate about and dedicated to their hobby, and doing something interesting and unique.My fiance is a member of one of the reenactor groups so I did the good girlfriend thing and want along.

The event is a 2 day event, held over this weekend out in Berwick at the old cheese factory and is probably the closest thing we have in Australia to a Ren Fair, something I have always thought would be interesting to go check out.

The event was split into 2 separate areas, a large 'encampment' where members of the various reenactment periods set up their tents and gave displays of various periods of combats. A large craft and merchant area was also set up for people to sell their hand made crafts.

Below are just a few snaps from the event.

Hand made by the extremely talented Craig Sitch

The crafting tent of Sven the Merchant, viking age carpenter

Bojo the canvas custom tent maker
Re-enactors with medieval musical instruments

Encampment of the LaTrobe Uni group
Helmets and swords for sale

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