Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seddon Deadly Sins

There is a cafe near our house that we go to fairly regularly, called Seddon Deadly Sins. For a start, just the name is pretty damn awesome. The staff are super friendly and the service is great, regardless how busy they are (usually very busy from 10.00 onwards). The cafe has a nice relaxed atmosphere, with 4 separate dining areas - 4 tables on the footpath, a relaxed but usually crowded front room, a courtyard that is lovely on warm days, and my favourite the cosy back room with fireplace. I love the interior, and their furnishings and that they haven't caved to the hipster cafe trend and decided that milk crates pass as chairs and communal tables are the way to go. They also have a room upstairs called the Good Room that is full of various old sofas and chairs (all second hand chesterfields, and plush red lounges sourced from eBay) and the bathroom upstairs is well worth checking out. In my dream house, my bathroom looks a lot like this one, minus the disco ball... The Good Room is used for coffee and cake only however, and sometimes they will offer to seat you up there with a coffee while you wait for a table to come available.

I do think it is adorable that they present their menus inside old little golden books though.

Since the fiancé is a bit of a self confessed coffee snob, the most important thing for him in any cafe is the coffee, and the coffee at SDS definitely passes the test. It is easily the best coffee we have found over our side of the westgate.

In keeping with the name of the cafe, a lot of the items on the menu are named after sins like gluttony, wrath and envy. The guys here are always happy to adjust a meal where they can. I ordered the field mushrooms, which is usually 2 mushrooms filled with mushy peas topped with haloumi, served on spinach and eggplant with 2 poached eggs. I ordered it without eggs and cheese. Once you take the eggs away it looks like a pretty small weekend breakfast, so I added a side of tomato. Most of Kev's hashbrowns also came out on my plate and I held them hostage for a while, but eventually caved and released the little crispy fried prisoners one at a time. I'm pretty sure the hashbrowns are not even vegetarian, they look like commercially prepared frozen ones.

More food needs pea in it!

There is spinach on that plate, it's just hiding under the eggplant and mushroom.

Aside from the standard menu, every weekend they will have a specials menu up on the chalk board. These are usually meat based, but occasionally there are some real gems up on the board like breakfast dahl (yay!) or a rosti. Today the special was corn and zucchini pikelets with aioli sauce, served with spinach, poached eggs and bacon. Kev ordered this without the bacon, but with sides of tomato, mushroom and hashbrown.

They also have a cake cabinet with various sweets, cakes and biscuits. There is always at least one flavour of cheese cake, and 1 gluten free cake option. The options available will change day to day, but I have not yet seen a vegan option available.

I also just wanted to show you my new tea cup, which I think is really cute. It was given to me by a friend who saw it and decided they had to get it for me. Being a ranga, I have from time to time copped the nickname 'little red', and she thought this mug would be the perfect gift. And I love it, thanks Em :)

Does anyone have any suggestions for good cafes that serve good coffee and have vegan breakfast options? I know there are plenty of places over the other side of the westgate, but would really appreciate if anyone has any recommendations closer to us.

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