Friday, December 31, 2010

Seddon Deadly Sins II (pancake heaven)

With our family visiting from Sweden, we have been out to local cafes for breakfast a few times in the last few weeks. By far everyones favourite so far has been Seddon Deadly Sins.

On one visit we were lucky enough to have turned up at exactly the right time to get a table for 8 without having to book! Usually they are pretty packed but we arrived just as 3 tables of people were leaving so were able to push these together.

We started with rounds of coffees, and fresh squeezed orange juice. As has been the case any time we have been to this cafe, the coffee was great and the service prompt and very friendly. No matter how busy the place gets, the staff are always friendly, chatty and helpful and still efficient.

Our niece and nephew tried the special for the weekend which was french toast with apple and strawberries and mascarapone. I love how the french toast is presented. This is the best photo of this breakfast I have, but you can see they made a double decker sandwich of french toast and fruit which looks really good. Each french toast slice was fried, then the sandwich made with 2 layers apples and fried lightly together. It was then cut in half diagonally and served with strawberries, a large dollop of mascarapone, and drizzles of maple. Apparently it was awesome and I am still impressed that our niece and nephew both managed to finish it all.

Another special was the mango coconut pancakes. I tried this and it was amazing. The 3 large pancakes were light and fluffy, the mango was so fresh and ripe and the coconut ice cream had heaps of toasted coconut through it. There was more mango hidden back behind the ice cream too which doesn't show in this picture. I was offered maple syrup to go with this, but didn't take it. The pancakes didn't need it.

There were a couple of orders for the grilled banana caramel pancakes for the table. This is an item from the regular menu. Again, these came with 3 large fluffy pancakes, a large scoop of ice cream, a large banana sliced length ways and grilled, and a very generous serve of caramel sauce.

Finally the second pancake offering from the regular menu, the mixed berry pancakes. 3 pancakes with ice cream, served with mixed berries and berry sauce. Again this was a huge serve of pancakes. When they came out none of us were sure we would be able to finish them, but they were so good, we all managed.

Not everyone was a mad sweet tooth so there were a few orders for a couple of the savoury breakfasts.

There were a couple of orders for the egg special of the day, which was scrambled eggs, with field mushrooms and a blue cheese sauce. I had a little taste of the sauce, expecting just a creamy sauce with a tiny hint of mild blue cheese as is so often the case, but the flavour of the sauce blew me away. There was a good strong blue cheese flavour with a hint of garlic as well. It was really very tasty and the consensus from all who ordered this was it went perfectly with the scramble and mushrooms.

The other dish ordered by a few was the green eggs. Usually this comes with ham, but we were able to order this without ham, and with mushrooms instead. The green eggs are scrambled eggs with crumbled feta and heaps of pesto.

The breakfast sizes are far more generous here than at other cafes we have been to in the area, and I love that they don't skimp on anything - other places we have tried pesto eggs have used less pesto and lose the flavour impact, or give you a sad handful of berries on little pancakes, but Seddon Deadly Sins never seem to cut corners. Every meal has been indulgent, and I guess that is in keeping with the deadly sins and decadence theme of the cafe.

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  1. I would have never thought of using mango in pancakes til now :-)

  2. K, the mango and coconut pancake combination is awesome and something everyone should try :-) Maple syrup pancakes have their place, but more and more I am enjoying less sickly sweet fruit and pancake combinations.