Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chan House - Healthy Vegetarian Option. CBD

I've been working in the city for about 18 months now. I now have a huge temptation to go shopping on my lunch breaks to buy crap I don't need... It's dangerous having so many book shops near my office. The best thing about working in the city is the access it gives me to catch up with friends for lunch.

So today I caught up with my bestest bud (whom we shall call Moshi J)  for lunch and went to Chan House. (Friend them on facebook to get updates on menu specials). It's a bit of a walk from my office but totally worth it.

Chan house is in a little food court off little Collins street, located between Queen and William streets. The service is very friendly and fast. There is shared food court style seating available for eat in.

They work from a revolving menu list, where they will have a few dishes that are always available (steamed or fried rice, noodles and mixed vegetables), then 3 daily special items from their menu. They also have dim sims, spring rolls, vegie or BBQ pork buns and prawn crackers. They offer 2 sizes of plate/takeaway, both with steamed rice and 2 dishes. The small is $5.80, large is $6.80. Fried rice or noodles is $1 extra.

I have been there for lunch a number of times before but have always gotten take away. Today Moshi and I decided to sit down and enjoy our lunch properly.

The specials today were szechuan tofu, a curry and ribs with a vinegar soy sauce. I ordered the szechuan tofu and ribs with fried rice. As you can see the serving size for the large is very generous. The tofu was beautiful, the sauce was very tasty. The ribs were great too though I didn't have much sauce. Vinegar and I have a strange relationship - I like the taste in foods (I used to love salt and vinegar chips) but I always end up taking a breath of air in as I eat anything with vinegar on and end up in a coughing fit. This sauce didn't do that though, there was just enough vinegar for the flavour.

I also ordered a BBQ pork bun which was delicious. If it were not for the fact I know all that bun bread would make me super sleepy, I could eat a full meal of just these!

Moshi ordered the fried rice with mixed vegetables and the ribs, and was kind enough to let me take a photo before he nommed his lunch. He also ordered a spring roll but I did not get a picture of that.

I'm really glad Chan House opened up in the city because we need more vegetarian options in the city. Check out some other great blog posts for Chan House here and here.

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