Monday, December 13, 2010

East Brunswick Club

I can't believe it has taken me this long to get around to going to East Brunswick Club! Ok, so it is on the wrong side of the city for me and finding excuses to be in the area is a challenge, but I still should have found time to get there long ago.

I was taken by surprise by the size of the portions here! Massive! If we had known how big the serves were we would not have ordered a side of chilli fries with vegan cheese as well as mains. The chilli fries were great! I was expecting them to come out as fries with spicy salt coating topped with beans, they came out with this amazing spicy nacho style bean topping. And with loads of chilli! They were way more food than we needed, but seriously worth it.

For mains we decided to go the vegan parmas.

Kev ordered the Nacho style parma, which was a bit of a surprise to me. He eats very little meat, and has always had a loathing for eating chicken. To the point that he can't stand to eat mock chicken dishes. So I wasn't expecting him to order something that is made to look like chicken. I also wasn't expecting him to love it!

I ordered the traditional vegan parma. I swear the menu said this was meant to come with vegan ham, but I may have read the menu wrong. The parma was great, all fried and crispy with a tasty tomato topping. Though I had gotten the idea of it having some form of vegan bacon on top so was initially a little disappointed, I got over this pretty quickly.


There were some really tempting dessert options on the menu - peanut butter chzcake and hedgehog, both vegan - but after parma and chilli fries there was just no way I could tackle any more food. This just means I have to make time to head back out to EBC again, this time to try the philly cheese steak and a dessert.

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  1. The nacho parma is seriously my favourite, and I love the chilli fries but rarely order them just because there is so much food, and I always want to save room for dessert. That hedgehog is great.

  2. I'm going to have to go back for the nacho parma, it looked really good but I didn't get to try it. Even if I have to make Kev eat half my main next visit, I am going to try a dessert!